Do you suck life out of your learners? – Tip #27

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Which type of presenter are you? The economics professor from Ferris Bueller or the science professor Richard Feynman?

What differentiates their presentations?


Below is a checklist of the differences between the two presenters.  Attempt an honest assessment of where you are in your presentation skills. Indicate “Y” in the left-side columns opposite each bullet point if you believe this is you and “N” if you think it does not describe you. Add to these initial observations, too.

Talking heads and boring presentations kill your learning goals.

Consider your learners’ perspectives to effectively use design approaches that engage them.

Interweave relevant stories into your presentations to draw learners into meaningful learning conversations.

You’d be pleasantly surprised at how much learners can share to expound the learning experience for them and for you.

Ray Jimenez, PhD

Vignettes Learning
“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”