Maneuvering in These Crazy Times (And We’re Not Talking COVID) – Tip #280

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By now, we’re probably familiar with the term The Great Resignation, whereby employees seem to be leaving the workforce at unprecedented rates (though it can be argued this trend can be traced back as far as 2009), impacting everyone from fast food fry cooks and warehouse workers to consultants and financial employees.  While people are indeed leaving the workforce, there are corresponding growth rates in other industries, The Great Upgrade, if you will (a term coined by the deputy director of the National Economic Council).

So enough of trends and terminology, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:  We have open roles.  We need people to fill these roles.  It is an employee’s market and we have to think differently about how we recruit, select and retain talent.  In some companies, roles can remain open for months, and recruiters are stretched to the max.  Remember the days when you had to wait on hold forever with your cable company before you actually got to talk with a real, live human being?  Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

Except, instead of scheduling a technician to come out and install a coax connection in your bedroom for the new cable box (yep, I just dated myself), you’re now trying to figure out how to attract a compliance officer to help conduct inspections of your facilities in accordance with government reporting.  Where do you start and how can you begin to think about things differently?

Situation Expert provides over 25 thinking tools designed to help advance the thinking and decision-making processes for you, your workers, and your company.  Our tools are designed to be used in the midst of the work – in real-time – to address issues and opportunities as they arise.  Interested in seeing things for yourself?  Check out this example of a hiring opportunity for a manager role in a retail clothing store, then comment below about a decision you and your company are working through.  Odds are, Situation Expert can help spur ideas that you didn’t even know existed.


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