DIYEL #3 First kidnap, highjack, beg, borrow, steal, cannibalize, and scavenge. Only then ask for a budget.

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“Do-It-Yourselfer” should be a job function in business with a job description and a position on the org chart. If you have the DNA of a corporate employee, it is a common and expected behavior to ask for a budget when the task is assigned, right? It is the usual approach, but it is wrong.

eLearning is a rapidly evolving solution. There are thousands of methods, choices, types of software and skills requirements. Additionally, senior management thinks that since eLearning is a web-based solution, it can be done over the weekend in your spare time on top of the pile of work you already have. With numerous choices and unreasonable expectations placed on them, the Do-It-Yourselfers are constantly experimenting and testing eLearning “proof of concepts” – small, semi-finished prototypes.

Because Do-It-Yourselfers do this under the radar and without a budget, they finance this effort by sweat and tears and by scavenging and cannibalizing. When the time comes, they are likely better at seeking budget approvals.

(This is a series of post from my book “Do-It-Yourself eLearning 2009).

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