Raymond Always Teaches Me Something New — Nuclear Fusion Project

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Raymond, 17, my son, always teaches me something new.

He just self-published with Lulu.com his book on Amateur Nuclear Fusion.

You can download a free PDF copy – allow more download time, it’s 80 Meg.

Raymond teaches me:

> Tenacity of research and discovery in spite all odds.

After 1,000 hours and $4,500 and lots of eBay and Craig’s list hours, he succeeded

with his project.

> Reach for more – now he is trying to raise $20,000 from donors to improve

further on his research.

More about the family. https://vignetteslearning.blog/2007/11/about-franny-raymond-marisu-and-frances.html

Ray Jimenez, PhD www.vignettestraining.com

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