Visual Search – Impacts for e-Learning, See an LMS with Search

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Visual Search is really cool.

It searches pages and show you web page with images.

Introduction to Search Me

Search Demo

Imagine this. Your LMS has a search engine that instantly shows people a page.

Visit VFT’s LMS at Login: username=bk1, password=bk1a

Click Search on top, search for Video, you can see the pages with my videos on 3-Minute e-Learning.

I was also fascinated how SearchMe site allowed people to copy the video and embed the code in their web pages. For social networking, this is interesting, since I can easily, EASILY, copy a video and embed in my blog, like what I have done here. See SearchMe video page and see the video code embedding.

Ray Jimenez, PhD

“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”