Masterful Virtual Trainer Case 2: From Dull to Dynamic

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How do you gauge the success of your virtual training? Is good feedback more than enough? Apparently, not. 

While getting ideas and reactions from learners, good feedback alone is not enough to assume that your session was delivered. Learners need to be able to engage with your sessions and apply what they learned at work. 

In this case study, we will explore ways how to better connect with our learners to draw out their thoughts not only during the sessions but beyond the training walls. 

The Challenge:

Transform a mundane virtual training session on providing feedback into an active experience for attendees where they will learn from and apply it in their work.

The Fix and Key Insights:  

   1. Place Them in the Situation
More is not always better. There may be reams of information on the subject, but what was relevant to communicate? Zeroing in on the key message or lesson to focus on was the first step.

   2. Moving beyond bullet points
After identifying ”must learn” content for the key message, a story was created, highlighting the message. We made sure it included an emotional high point to focus on the challenge or conflict.

   3. Conversation rather than presentation
Instead of telling people the “right” way to provide feedback, we engaged the learners in conversation to draw out their thoughts and thinking on the matter.

The Outcome:

Learners gained the information needed to provide better feedback through developing insights, critically thinking, and engaging in conversation around the topic.  This was a direct result of the story-based approach taken toward the content and a virtual experience that put the learner at the center, rather than the information.


Jonathan Workman

Ray Jimenez, PhD
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