IT Help Desk Hell

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We’ve all been there. There’s a problem with our computer/device/appliance/thingy and we’re left with no choice but to call the dreaded tech support. A maze of menus (“listen closely as our options have changed”), seemingly endless hold times, and – when we do actually get to a human – no guarantees exist that the help provided will actually be helpful. 

And that’s just on the surface. Behind the scenes, there is (hopefully) a process for routing calls, assigning a priority, and ensuring the issue with the right level of complexity gets to the proper support tier. It’s enough to make even the bravest of people shudder.

Situation Expert provides a clear path to dealing with issues such as these.  With a simple, yet logical flow, situations (called Sitches) are created to help users identify what’s going on, note the challenge, and state the objective of what is trying to be accomplished. Thinking tools (over 24 of them) serve as guides, leading users through analyzing their problems, envisioning solutions, and quickly judging the measurable results of choices made.  Stuck and don’t know what to do next? Select different tools to help spark different ideas and consider alternative paths and perspectives – the possibilities are virtually endless!

Interested in seeing Situation Expert in action?  Click this link to be taken to the IT Help Desk Hell Sitch.  Want to create your own Sitch and see how Situation Expert can help develop critical thinkers at your company?  Click here to speak to an expert who can answer your questions and set up a demo where you can learn more.

And we promise – you’ll experience no routing issues with your request!


Jonathan Workman

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