Masterful Virtual Trainer Case 1: Delay Dismay!

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Have you ever wondered how others are feeling when you do your virtual sessions?

Even in training, understanding others is crucial to making your sessions work. Empathy is a key part of emotional intelligence that will help you gauge the thoughts, and ideas, and understand the problems of your learners.

In this case study, our goal is to bring you on an important journey to help you enable the skill of understanding.

The Challenge

Clients submitted a training request and waited two weeks before an initial follow-up—a very poor experience!  Representatives must learn to support their clients in a timely manner.

The Fix and Key Insights:

   1. Identify the key learning moment – the “must-learn.”
While many objectives might be created to address the issue of representative training, the decision was made to focus on one with high value that leads to real results with action.
   2. Help the “must-learn” leap off the page with a story!
Embedding key content into a story format to help learners relate to the issue was a key next step. By doing this, learners related to the characters, the conflict, and the challenge, and we’re invested in finding a solution.

   3. Add story-based questions to advance thinking<
As learners are drawn into the story, we asked questions to help them critically think and consider how they would apply what they’re learning to real life.

The Outcome:

The learners experientially understand how the client is feeling and the actions needed to meet their service expectations.  While supporting materials such as SOPs and knowledge base documents can be helpful to advance extended learning, the essential lesson – the must-learn – comes through the story and the questions that prompt deeper thinking.


Jonathan Workman

Ray Jimenez, PhD
Vignettes Learning
“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”

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