Getting Unstuck – The Power of “Might” – Tip # 278

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Ah, summer…the season of travel.  As we’ve survived the ice and snow of winter and the dreary days of clouds and rain (at least where I’m from), thoughts turn to vacationing and getting away.  For many, that can mean hopping on a plane to the beach, an island getaway or maybe exploring a part of the country that is still unfamiliar. 

This brings us to air travel.

You and your significant other / partner / friend / family / none of the above walk up to the ticketing counter to check your bag and place your luggage on the scale.  A knot forms in your stomach as you wait for the digital display to render its verdict.  Guilty or not guilty?

53.72 pounds.  GUILTY!

What are you going to do?  I mean, you NEED every single thing you packed!  This is the trip you’ve been putting off since 2020 and now that the friendly skies are finally friendly again, nothing will stand in your way.  Nothing, that is, except 3.72 pounds or a hefty overage fee.

Enter the key to unlocking the possibility.  One simple word:  Might.

As a verb, it might be “defined as, “Used to express possibility or to make a suggestion.”Rather than getting locked into an “A or B” / “This or that” mentality, Might has the ability to consider alternatives”, look at consequences, and creatively explore what could have otherwise been considered a gray area that is sometimes off-limits to our thinking.

Situation Expert is a platform specifically designed to help with possibility thinking, providing over 25 thinking tools to improve your capacity to think beyond a single option and apply these tools to situations in real-world environments.  From machine failures and supply chain issues to personnel challenges and software snafus, Situation Expert is a one-stop-shop for identifying and analyzing problems, identifying patterns and possibilities, and getting the right people involved to ensure you’re exploring all the angles of the challenge you are facing.

So about those 3.72 pounds…what happened???  Click here to see how Situation Expert was used to diagnose this dilemma and get everyone (and everything) to the final destination.
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