How to Reinvent Compliance and Technical Training to Impact Performance – Workshop Tip #235

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Compliance and technical training have become “paper certification” training programs. Workers and learners only take it to make sure they check the boxes for compliance and technical training or just to cover their “just-in-case-they-need-it” groundwork.

This practice reduces the returns of training and does not add new value to performance and results.

Consider below best practices and ideas that you can apply to reinvent your compliance and technical training. 

1. Focus programs on reducing risks and impacts at work, rather than learning rules and regulations.
2. Make the business and personal consequences apparent to learners and workers if risks are not mitigated.
3. Go beyond the ticking of checkboxes that only complies with the memorization of rules and procedures. Push towards a deeper understanding of how to apply solutions to problems.
4. Help learners identify other causes of compliance and technical issues such as equipment failure, raw materials handling, work environments, flawed processes, and procedures, etc.
5. Build your training program and application to work situation by asking learners “What would happen if ______ happens?”
6. Train learners on how to diagnose, analyze, and find answers to technical and compliance issues.
7. Add critical thinking skills to your program such as risk analysis, action mapping, dealing with unknowns, presenting cases and solutions, and others.
8. Map compliance and technical training to real performance metrics like savings, costs, time to market, customer satisfaction, and others.

Compliance and technical training should go beyond being the “checkboxes” or “just-in-case-you-need-it” training. It should be able to promote and develop the workers’ and learners’ capacities to critically think for themselves when dealing with problems and considering the impacts on their work. Mere reliance on knowing the rules and regulations won’t suffice.

Ray Jimenez, PhD
Vignettes Learning
“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”

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