How Stories Uplift Our Spirits During Coronavirus – Workshop Tip 218

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What is your lockdown story? How do you find relief and comfort from the stress and anxiety of staying at home 24/7? As for me, just like the majority of people, I rely on social media and Zoom to stay connected with family and friends. I even do a Zoom party every Friday with a group of my very close friends. My wife checks up on her mother and siblings daily through Zoom calls. Virtual team tools are a great help too for our regular work meetings.

Somehow, this sudden disconnect from our usual and normal face-to-face interactions had us strongly craving the need to connect, albeit virtually.

Unconsciously, we are becoming better communicators and the quality of conversations is deeper and more personal. Why? Because we are naturally curious and we all have stories to tell. We ask our friends and families, “What’s going on with you?” “What’s new?” “How are you handling it?”

The common thread is sharing stories. With these uncertain and unprecedented times were having, we all can benefit from stories that inspire and boost our morale.

These are some of the stories that uplift our spirits.

Ray Jimenez, PhD
Vignettes Learning
“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”