Microlearning That Kicks Learners Into Thinking and Acting – Tip #202

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One thought on “Microlearning That Kicks Learners Into Thinking and Acting – Tip #202

  1. Thanks to taking two Vignettes Learning workshops, one onsite and one in person, I turned a two-day classroom course on customer service into twenty 5-20 minute eLearning units (interactive, self-study, using Storyline). Where there were topics within modules, we identified best practice guidelines and rewrote topic titles as action statements. Employees can read down the list of titles on an LMS index/table of contents and immediately see a workflow process, for example, in a section on negotiation, "Clarify the other person's needs and goals" – then click on what they wanted to learn (unless assigned the sequence.)
    – In the Vignettes Learning courses, I learned how to start each unit with a work challenge related to the topic that replaced any slide lecture in the original course with an attention-grabber that showed why the topic was important – in the above example, an argument breaking out in a micro case –
    – and add an interaction the guides the participant to realize the two people involved are not right/wrong (as the case seems to imply), but they have very different needs.
    – Then we walk through the elements of a best practice skill guide for learning about someone's needs in order to propose action that finds common ground.
    – And the unit ends with a downloadable, printable action plan – a template that guides the employee to adapt the strategies to their own work challenge and turn the unit's ideas into on-the-job performance and needed results.

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