The Conversationalist – Facilitate Rapid Webinar Discussions – Tip #22

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Get Learners to Create Your Content – Quickly, Reliably and Accurately
Learners learn through packets of information.

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Key Ideas to help you:  

1. Show a slide and graphic that represents the question and content

Show them an image with books packed into a shelf. Then ask the question “How do learners learn today?” Since you showed the image with the message, learners will type in their own interpretation of the image and the question. Their answers generally cover the content you want to deliver. Instead of telling learners; facilitate to help them discover the learning.

2. Ask participants a question

By asking participants thought-provoking questions, you become clear about your content. In this case the content is, “Learners learn in smaller chunks through mobile tools.”
3. Read aloud their responses that pertain to your content

“Short pieces”

“Just-in-time technology”

4. Mention the name of participant

“Thank you Lisa.”

5. Respond emotionally

Laugh at interesting comments.

6. Appreciate the participants

“Very good answers.”

“Thank you Bob.”

7. Weave participants comments into your conclusion and in relation to the content

In the end “The learners are learning through smaller devices.”

Ray Jimenez, PhD

Vignettes Learning
“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”