Incidents of errors as basis for technical learning design – Tip #19

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It is common for technical training coverage to include  software, process, systems, methods and others that are long screen motion captures done in Camptasia, Captivate, Storyline and others.

They are lengthy, huge data dumps – forcing learners to learn features and NOT applications in real-life situations.

This is a costly approach – very tedious and a total waste of for learners.


Smart, snappy, less learning time

Reflect on what happens to your learning design if they are:
1. Focused on the application of features into solving real-life incidents, errors, troubleshooting and problem-solving resulting to learning

2. Put learners on the spot and show them a real-life story

3. Link the story directly to how the feature is used to apply the knowledge

Mislabeled Blood – Software Learning Example

The example is an illustration of how a learner learns by focusing on a critical customer problem and then making a change in the software information.

Ray Jimenez, PhD

Vignettes Learning
“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”