Show Proof that Stories Impact Learning – Tip #8

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Small examples of stories in a lesson demonstrate to leaders, decision makers and bosses how stories impact learning.

This is how you can persuade your leaders and bosses to use stories and experiences in eLearning – This is the proof that stories work…..

How do stories impact recall, retention, application and transfer of knowledge? 

We asked over 1,000 participants to workshops, webinars and through a survey to compare Lessons A and B. 

Participants replies:

“The stories make the technical data more understandable.”
“The tractor and trash bag help illustrate the thinness of the dripper lines.”
“I remember the real-life examples and it makes it easy to apply the ideas.”

Preview simple and very basic lessons, A and B. (Click here).

Try doing this

To prove that stories and real-life events impact learning positively, do a simple exercise and show it to your leaders and bosses:

  • Select and compare two small lessons.
  • One with purely static and factual data and the other one with some stories to relate the value of the data. Conduct a small test and obtain the results.

By doing this, you show proof.