My never ending curiosity might be filled with Google Glasses

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I found this video from a post by Gina Trapani. Now, I can follow my curiosity and never-ending search for answers.

I have a very curious mind just like many of you. Oftentimes, when I see something like a billboard, people, news or even just a thought crossing my mind, I find myself asking a question, “I wonder…?”

I haven’t tried the Google Glasses, but this video seems to show the great possibilities. See more about the glasses.


  • Our minds are constantly in READINESS MODE to learn and apply ideas. What drives this is the incompleteness of stories in our minds (Roger Schank).  Therefore, we are always curious.
  • Technology, e.g. Google Glasses and even simple texting, have now become part of us. Our storytelling, sharing and discovery are now aided by the tools – just like early humans sketched on the walls.
  • Our conversations and story sharing have now expanded its medium. 
  • How will this impact our abilities to learn from each others’ experiences?

Ray Jimenez, PhD
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