Embedding Learning in Stories –“Lost Package” Vignette Featured

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Learners learn by connecting old stories from their experiences to new stories that help them to learn and discover.

Learning professionals  who have had the opportunity  to view  examples  of micro-scenarios, scenarios or what are also called vignettes appreciate the short, thought – provoking stories.  However, the prospect of venturing into this approach puzzles and intimidates them.  Aside from a pre-conceived idea that it is expensive, they are at a loss about how to create their own stories and use them in the learning design.

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An initial yet key factor in micro-scenario and story-based development and creation is gaining an understanding about embedding learning content in stories  (see illustration above) and its role in promoting  valued learning.  

1. Learner’s  response and thought process are rooted in past experiences.
2. Using micro-scenarios and stories with embedded learning content speeds up learning discoveries. They bridge the gap between previous and future learner experiences. They create connections, helping the learners to realize the new ideas.
3. As a result, learners gain new experiences, behavior and way of thinking.

Click here to view the vignette. Read the explanation below.

In the vignette, “Lost Package”, an early office morning work shift turns out stressful for a support representative. A customer, Mr. Jones, called. He apparently feels convinced that the company is entirely at fault for a lost package. Mr. Jones is very angry while the agent feels helpless and defensive. A formula for disaster?

What can we learn from a crisis situation like this? If you have ever been in a similar situation, how did you deal with it?  Click here to view “Lost Package”.

How to Use the Vignette

Although the situation presented is specific, this vignette covers a wide range of topics, including conflict-resolution, work ethics and other management-related issues. This vignette is very useful for eLearning sessions that require your learners’ undivided attention, especially those that deal with specific situations that need to be resolved in a timely manner. Use it as part of your lessons or as a post-training test. Face-to-face, eLearning or webinar, this vignette is a sure way to push your learners to the EDGE.
Vignettes are captivating and highly effective learning tools that can power up your classroom training, eLearning activities and social learning communities. Click here to view “Lost Package”.
Join us and tell us what you think about the vignettes and share with us if you have had similar experiences. Your feedback and insights are highly valued. Also feel free to send in your suggestions, comments, improvements or topics that are of interest to you. This can help us greatly in coming up with better vignettes, especially on topics that are of great relevance to you.