Policies in eLearning – “Too Much Break Time” Interactive Vignette

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Here again, as promised, are the free weekly vignettes, and still absolutely free for you to use. These short but straight-to-the point presentations depict real-life scenarios. Vignettes are effective additions to your learning programs – adding a deeper contextual dimension to your sessions.

For this week’s featured vignette “Too Much Break Time!” , we take a look at the case of Donna, a mid-level manager at a manufacturing company, who’s trying to figure out how to successfully impose a company policy involving Rita . Apparently, the problem began when she started noticing that Rita, a valued team member, is spending way too much time on breaks, and often going over the 15-minutes-a-day company regulation.It appears like the challenge is to strike a delicate balance between implementing the policy and getting Rita to understand her violation and tow the line.

How should Donna deal with Rita? What approaches should she take if Rita starts justifying her actions ? If you were Donna, will you be willing to lose this team member if things got out of hand? Click here to view “Too Much Break Time!”

How to Use the Vignette

While the situation presented is specific, this vignette covers a wide range of topics, including conflict-resolution, work ethics and other management-related issues. This is a great vignette to use for eLearning sessions that focus on certain issues, especially those that require learners to deal with situations that demand immediate attention. You can use it as part of your lessons or as a post-training test. Face-to-face, eLearning or webinar, this vignette is a sure way to push your learners to the EDGE.

Vignettes are highly motivational learning tools that powerfully impact your classroom training, eLearning activities and social learning communities. Click here to preview “Too Much Break Time!”

Join us and tell us how you like the vignettes. We’d love to know your feedback and your experiences. We are also open to suggestions, comments, improvements or topics that are of interest to you, so feel free to send them in. This can help us greatly in coming up with better vignettes, especially on topics that are of great relevance to you.

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