“Can you tell me if my job is safe?” A Provocative Learning Vignette

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The Little Secret presents the story of Maria, a dutiful office manager. Maria’s management capability is put to the test when she is caught in between adhering to office policy and addressing employee needs. What should Maria do? Can you help her think of a way out?

How to Use the Vignette

While the situation presented is specific, this vignette covers a wide range of topics to include conflict-resolution, work ethics and other management-related issues. Use this vignette to spark learner interest in your training session, show it as part of your lessons or utilize it as a post-training test. Face-to-face or online, this vignette is intended to push your learners to the EDGE!

Use it for your classroom training, eLearning and social learning communities. Click here to preview “The Little Secret.”

We are proud to introduce the new series of Vignettes designed for Story Impacts.

On a regular basis, we will send you provocative vignettes which you can use with our compliments.

Next week, we are sharing with you the vignette on “The Star” – a story of John who is a star performer, but causes problems because he refuses to cooperate with his team members. How do you deal with a person like John? Stay tuned. This will be fun.

Join us and let us know how you like the vignettes. If you have any suggestions , improvements or topics of interest to you, please let us know.

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