BP Gulf Oil Spills – a case of “be a manager, go to jail”

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The news suggest that there has been early signs of the oil spill disaster. Oil rig contractors have detected earlier problems but failed to take the needed steps to avert the catastrophe.

Many years ago in my one of my first business endeavors I produced seminars on employment and safety compliance. It seems to me that one of the key issues in the BP Gulf Oil Spills goes back to the failure of companies to provide complaint systems to ensure that whistle blowers’ rights are protected. And hopefully avoid crisis like oil spills.

I am no legal expert, but I recall that some of our safety laws cover “be a manager, go to jail” requirements. These are laws that impose personal liability on managers and executives if it is proven that they failed to take necessary measures to avoid safety violations resulting to catastrophe events.

What would you do if you are the manager in an potentially disastrous environmental accident? How do you avoid going to jail?

I prepared a small exercise “Whistle Blower Rights.” Your CEO wants a plan. What do would you do. Please the exercise, click here.

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