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I presented at ASTD TechKnowledge Conference in Las Vegas, January 28, 2010.

The topic I spoke of: Using Micro-eLearning Design for Learning 2.0 and Traditional eLearning.


5 Step Process

  • Be succinct
  • Relate
  • Interpret
  • Apply
  • Micro-Applications

Microlearning instructional design is based on storytelling.

Use Microlearning in operational areas where managers don’t want to waste time in lengthy training.

You may download handouts at www.3minuteworlds.com.

Questions from the audience:

Attendee: How long should a Microlearning be?
Ray: Depends on what your audience, content and tool and other considerations.
If for doctors, micro-might mean 5 minutes for each topic in video observation of a surgical procedure. For technician using a PDA or phone to check newest part, it may be only 30 seconds because he is on the job trouble-shooting an equipment. For an orientation training, micro might be 3 minutes.

Attendee: What is micro-instructional design?
Ray: Story-based Design

Attendee: How to implement Microlearning in enterprises?
Ray: The micro-ways. Find operational areas that can save time, reduce costs, increase profits with Microlearning. Usually line management understand this language. No one wants to waste time in operations.

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Ray Jimenez, PhD
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