eLearning Design WITHOUT a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

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What to do if you have no access to a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and you have to design and deliver an eLearning program? Many of us would hate to admit it, but this situation happens.

There is a way out of this predicament.

Obtain answers from other sources; I call “quasi-SMEs” – other sources of expertise:
What “must learners” learn to perform immediately? What real-life stories and examples can help learners understand and apply the ideas quickly?

Some ideas to try:

  1. Ask operations people who are experienced with the subject.
  2. Ask past participants of the course or related course.
  3. Ask managers and leaders who lead the target participants.
  4. Check feedback and comments from past related courses.
  5. Run a contest and ask people to share their best stories and learning.
  6. Conduct a relevancy survey on what people feel they need the most learning.
  7. Publish the detailed outline and get sampling of what the topics they find most valuable.
  8. Check records of safety logs, service calls, customer call recordings, productivity reports, and other indicators of problems.
  9. Implement “Reverse eLearning Design” – publish micro-lessons, in increments. Ask participants which micro-lesson they want more follow-up. Expand the lessons as you see more popular demand.
  10. Develop the skill of a business consultant – the ability to discover what truly matters so you can adjust your design.

Please share your ideas and experiences.

Ray Jimenez, PhD
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