DIYEL #7 Use a straight-line micro-incision on content to instantly apply ideas. All else wastes precious time.

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Picture this: a surgeon uses a scalpel to create a straight-line incision to begin an operation: sharp, quick and instant. This is how our training and learning designs should be. Instead, most of them are dull, prolonged and time-wasters.

Ironically, in eLearning the act of learning is often a barrier to the actual application of an idea or the knowledge to convey. Do-It-Yourselfers know that in eLearning, instant application is important, not mere memorization. They design content that is sharp and focused on instant application on the job. New rule: create content that is micro-formatted for immediate incisive understanding and application on the job. Anything that violates this rule is a waste of time.

(This is a series of post from my book “Do-It-Yourself eLearning 2009).

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