DIYEL #6 eLearning design is like peeling the artichoke before you eat it.

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Do-It-Yourselfers know the difference between bananas, oranges, apples and artichokes. Back when we changed from using transparencies (which many of you don’t remember at all) to PowerPoint slides, the transition was as simple as peeling a banana, apple or orange. The changeover was superficial. On the other hand, changing learning design from classroom-style learning to eLearning is like searching for the heart of an artichoke. We need to boil it and peel the leaves back one by one before we can taste the heart – the really delicious part.

Similarly, in applying eLearning methods, Do-It-Yourselfers understand that old practices, assumptions and methods of learning are like the thick and hardened leaves of an artichoke. They must be peeled away. It takes time to unlearn. Do-It-Yourselfers are patient while searching for the new “truths” (not snake-oil) about the new learning opportunities in eLearning.
(This is a series of post from my book “Do-It-Yourself eLearning 2009).

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