FREE: Millionaire Game – How to create the iPhone touch, look and feel in your e-Learning? Use e-Learning Reusables.

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Steve Jobs with the iPhone and Pixar made us aware on how high quality aesthetics, stories and friendliness in functions make our lives easier and more gratifying. Now, why is it so difficult to raise the standards of our e-Learning programs?

Well, there are many reasons. One specific problem is that creating rich visual design and highly interactive lessons are usually skills not found in trainers, instructional designers, SMEs and developers. Many of these professionals are content authors. Therefore, our courses tend to be heavy in page-turning content, but too light in engaging learners with the rich visual experience and interactions.

Experts predict that the push for Rapid e-Learning development will even add pressures to the content authors. As companies demand faster delivery of e-Learning, the more we see page turning content.

Is it impossible to reskill our content professionals with the capacities for rich visual designs and interactive activities? The answer is yes. But how? Do we send them to graphics artist schools and push them to learn Flash programming? Maybe not.

A sol
ution is to provide content authors e-Learning Reusables. Reusables are micro-tools or widgets which allow content authors to strengthen their e-Learning courses with visually appealing and highly interactive exercises, games, case-studies, and others. The content authors will reuse XML-based codes to produce content without worrying on visual quality and programming. No coding is needed. No graphic design is needed. e-Learning Reusables are ideal supplements to Articulate’s Presenter and Captivate.

Please preview more details on e-Learning Reusables and preview some examples.


For a limited time, the Millionaire Game Reusable is yours for Free. The free download will be available until May 30, 2009. Click here to download.

Ray Jimenez, PhD “Helping Learners Learn Their Way” “Helping Learners Apply Learning”

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    Your blog is a gold mine of information! Thank you for sharing your expertise.
    Btw, the link to the free download of the Millionnaire Game Reusable is not active.
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