iPhone Authoring – Seems Simple Enough

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Apple is poised to take advantage of the learning, education and social media …
in motion. See Apple’s Modality Learning.

The basics of iPhone learning production are easy enough. Of course, just like anything else, if the content is bad, the learning will be bad.

But the production could be as easy as 1-2-3 as shown below.

I am not suggesting you should buy Toolbook. I use this since they have
a good demo.

1. See examples learning in iPhone.

>>Examples from ToolBook
Scroll two-thirds of the page to view some examples. The examples are Fraud Prevention and Blood Glucose, but it will give you an idea. http://www.toolbook.com/mobile/

>> Example from Sun Learning

2. How you can construct by using an Authoring Tool for iPhones (from SumTotal)

To author the course for Toolbook, view the introduction video.
View Toolbook version to publish the iPhone content online.

Personally, I am glad Toolbook provides this. I did authoring once many years ago using Toolbook 1, 2, 3 and 7…. I feel old.


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