“Beyond Blogs – It Will Be Here After the Bubble Bursts”

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Stephen Baker of Business Week says in a video, “We will be using blogs and other tools, even after the blog bubble bursts, if there is one.”

I remember the upside of the last .COM bust. A lot of the creations of the .COMs ended up in the hands of enterprises who really took advantage of the capabilities of the Internet, while, sadly, many of our stock options went up in flames.

Baker also talks about his use of the Widget called “Twitter.” I tested Twitter and knew there’s some value to small, nano-size messages, and I call it sharing your rumblings with others.

The thousands of social networking tools and widgets will enrich our experience.

I am like a kid, a lot of stuff to play around with — hoping one or two would really make a difference in performance at work. Yup, I am still concerned about performance.

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