Visualization – IBM’s Many Eyes Rocks – A Tool for Social Network Leaders

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There is a lot of progress in web 2.0 tools and widgets in the area of visualization of data, interaction or process. and C Dragon are good examples. The idea is that the more people can visualize data, the faster they can interpret or learn from the content.

IBM has the visualization tool “Many Eyes.”

Visit the site, try to upload some form of data and select the different ways to create visualization.

I am testing visualization in one of the projects I have been involved with – The SocioGram is a useful tool specially in helping understand, manage and grow social networks. If we can visualize a decaying social network, we may be able to intervene and do something to nourish or help it regain vigor. If you are leading or facilitating a social network, this would be an important tool.

In this SocioGram I try to correlate the network’s ability to accomplish goals and the growth of the depth of relationships.

Ray Jimenez, PhD

“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”