Micro-Mobile Learning Using iPod Touch – Sun Mobile Learning

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How much does it cost to purchase an iPod Touch? $180. Imagine what you can do providing learning through on-the-need basis. See this YouTube video. Amazing!

The technology is phenomenal. The challenge is how to prepare
presentations that are succinct, 3 minutes or less in length.

Ray Jimenez, PhD www.vignettestraining.com
“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”

2 thoughts on “Micro-Mobile Learning Using iPod Touch – Sun Mobile Learning

  1. Thanks. In the video, Sun is using a web site with a login. If this login is part of an LMS, it could be tracking the program the person is studying or playing back. The beauty is that, the video is being streamed from the Sun’s server, not downloaded, which means, the learner has to login, and his/her info collected.

  2. We absolutely believe in what you have done here and make this concept more generally available to people on a broader range of topics – see just90.tv. Are you doing it in just90 seconds?

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