How Much Training is Enough Training?

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Is the worker fully competent when he/she starts a new job or assignment? Most likely not.

Is it possible to make a worker fully competent in the first few weeks of the job? Not likely.

It is unrealistic to expect that learners will be fully competent on the job the first few weeks. But why do we design our training and e-learning programs expecting learners to learn and retain all the information required to be fully competent?

When designing an e-learning program, it is best to isolate knowledge and skill which are classified under two headings: WORKING COMPETENCY and FULL COMPETENCY. Train learners first and foremost on working competency, then train them on the job about how to find, search, and learn full competency skills through peer-to-peer learning, buddy system, e-learning references, policies and documents.

Working Competency

> Knowledge/skill to do job immediately

> Enables person to perform

> Content they must study now

Full Competency

>Mastery of skill, knowledge

>Needed on the job

>Content they can refer to

Ray Jimenez, PhD

“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”

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