Second and Third Wave of e-Learning Adaptions

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I once had a smart mentor. He said, the only way to show polished diamonds is by friction. The more friction these are subjected to, the more diamonds shine.

I just completed a few presentations at Training 2008 and I continue to discover gems of brilliance from trainers and e-learning developers.

More and more, they are required by businesses to use e-learning. From my conversations, it seems like companies who waited to implement e-learning are now coming out in droves wanting to implement them. E-Learning has gone mainstream.

This is something to celebrate since e-learning is a good stepping stone to immersing learners and trainers in digital learning.

Many will have rough attempts. However, they must be encouraged, sometimes inspite of dull products. Eventually, they will shine, like diamonds, and add value to their learners and businesses.

Ray Jimenez, PhD

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