Some Web 2.0-Like Tools in LMSs Extend e-Learning into Social Networking and Community Sharing

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The following are Web 2.0-like tools in LMSs. If added or incorporated, these tools help learners use LMS content as a resource for sharing ideas in networks and communities. See how they work:

Google-like search – allows learners to search ALL text in the LMS content.
Send a URL – allows learners to send email of a specific page in e-Learning content.
Note-taking – allows learners to make notes for every page as they wish and download or print the notes. Notes can be searched.
Learner-driven learning – allows learners to record their own desired learning paths which may contain a combination of company- provided e-learning, informal learning, postings from blogs, Wikis, and others like readings, personal projects, etc.
Comments – allows learners to add comments to e-learning content to be shared with all learners.
Ranking – allows learners to rank relevance of content and present them to all learners in a ranked format.
Although these tools may be restricted by companies and may not fully operate as networking tools, having these tools provide your learners some exposure to Web 2.0-like tools.

Ray Jimenez, PhD
Vignettes Learning
“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”