3-Minute e-Learning into Micro-Learning

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When I wrote “3-Minute e-Learning” (2006), I compiled my learnings from five years of implementing e-Learning programs.

It occurred to me that 3-Minute e-Learning addressed the need of e-Learning instructional designers and developers. The book was focused on helping how to increase learning by distilling content into “application points.” My intention was to help the learners learn faster by focusing on what really matters on the job. The difficulty however, as I see it now, is that most e-Learning are “enterprise-centric”. Programs are required and pushed down to learners, not the other way around. Developers have less concern for the learner, but more concern for the delivery of learning content.

Fast forward to today, 3-Minute e-Learning is even more important, especially so when a lot of people have to share ideas, knowledge and content. The quality of content shared will only depend on how it is organized.

In Web 2.0, e-Learning, Knowledge Management and Enterprise 2.0, we have tools like a very, very big library (or Wikipedia). But our ability to learn is dependent on our skills. The technology can only do so much.

Ray Jimenez, PhD
Vignettes Learning
“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”