Making e-Learning Teams Work

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1. Making e-Learning Teams Work
Today’s competitive marketplace demands more than one or two people to create e-learning programs. Representatives from the training, technology, marketing and finance departments – all with diverse work histories and interests – should collaborate their expertise to produce effective e-learning activities.

To make the team’s diversity an asset rather than a liability,here are some tips to make e-learning teams work:
During the planning process, a clear and concise charter document should be developed that includes specific task assignments of each team member. The expectations from each team member should be made clear at the start of the project.
Build a collaborative work environment. The Project Manager should encourage balanced participation of all team members. Each member should be allowed to voice out his/her opinions on any issue and participate in decision-making processes.
Open, frequent and timely communication is important! Keeping everyone informed creates a climate of sharing and a sense of belongingness among team members.
Allow everyone to know their strengths and provide opportunities for them to shine and glow with their capabilities.
Create and build an e-learning production process that everyone agrees to and follows. Many e-learning teams fall apart because there is no clear and united approach.
Use a project monitoring tool that allows real-time quick feedback on progress of the each team member. Freely encourage interaction and communication.
2. Featured Presentation: Fishing or Needs Analysis
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