PDA-based e-Learning

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Topics this issue:
1. PDA Learning: Some Design Concerns
2. e-Learning Flash Interactive Game

3. Blended e-Learning Workshop

1. PDA Learning: Some Design Concerns
In today’s fast-paced world, we want to be able to maximize the seemingly little time we have and accomplish as many things as we can. We want to be in full control of our work and of course, our learning. E-learning has proven its worth in achieving such concerns in our changing lifestyles. Yet since the beginning of e-learning, the concept of mobile learning (m-learning) has already been discussed as well. Mobile learning is the use of a personal digital assistant (PDA) to produce an anytime, anywhere learning experience.

Content and software developers are customizing e-learning programs to fit the requirements and capacity of the PDA. Because most of these programs are designed for the desktop or laptop computer browsers, developers must keep in mind certain usability concerns for mobile learning:

  • Instructions and other similar text should be used sparingly and only when necessary
  • Links should be brief and contain only necessary key words
  • As with web pages, specific options should be presented before general options
  • PDA users expect to find web-like interfaces on their handhelds
  • Due to low screen resolution and small screen size, long narrative descriptions are not effective

2. e-Learning Flash Interactive Game: “Fashion Picks“
Want to have an organic e-learning program that creates interactivity and sustains the learner’s interest? Preview this flash exercise and see how you can make your quizzes and tests go beyond the traditional question and answer format.

To preview more Vignettes, slideshows and highly interactive programs, please register and be a member: http://www.vignettestraining.com/register.htm

3. Over 50 engaging interactive exercises, games, simulation, etc.
In the Blended eLearning Workshop, you will have access to over 50 interactive learning games, exercises, simulation, and in-box activities. You will be inspired to see the possibilities of an engaging e-learning program.

To know more about the Blended eLearnning Workshop, please click here: http://www.vignettestraining.com/workshops/index.htm

Ray Jimenez, PhD www.vignettestraining.com
“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”

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