Slow Adoption: The Fall of e-Learning Programs

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1. Slow Adoption: The Fall of e-Learning Programs
Slow adoption of e-learning technology is one of the major reasons why e-learning programs fail.

Various factors cause this adoption lag. One common thread is clash of cultures. The eternal debate of whether new e-learning practices are as effective as traditional instructional methods still exists.

For more people to adopt e-learning, the relative advantage of this new method over traditional means must be highlighted. They must be able to compare the “old” way of doing things to the “new” way, and eventually form a favorable impression on e-learning.

Another cause of slow adoption is the perceived complexity of the technology. One of technology’s purposes is to speed things up and make work easier. If e-learning is perceived by potential users as something complicated and intimidating, they would of course prefer learning the “old” and “comfortable” way.

What can be done to speed up e-learning adoption?
Stress on e-learning’s relative advantage such as savings in traditional training costs, customized learning, and availability of just-in-time knowledge.
Give the potential users ample time to try out and get used to e-learning before setting it as a requirement so they would feel more comfortable about the technology.
Keep e-learning programs simple, user-friendly and of course, engaging
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