Rapid e-Learning Development

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Topics this issue:

1. Rapid e-learning Development
Those who have experienced the benefits of e-learning want more online programs developed. However, issues like the long time it needs to build courses, difficulties in interacting with Subject Matter Experts (SME) or IT issues are some of the most common culprits of the delays. The challenge lies on how to speed up the development process.

Rapid development (RD) is the development of online learning at a faster and cheaper way without sacrificing content quality. Take note of these strategies to expedite the development process:
Plan the whole process. Assess the company’s business challenges and the people’s learning gaps and check if rapid e-learning can address these. Take an inventory of the resources available to you – in terms of people, time and materials
Check technical aspects of e-learning solutions such as plug-in versions, bandwith limitations, etc. Appoint IT staff dedicated to oversee that technology glitches are avoided in the e-learning efforts.
Choose tools and software that are simple and easy to use and facilitate integration of lessons and content to the Learning Management System.
Clearly define the roles and deliverables of each development team member. Set-up action items and due dates from the start.
Involve content writers or SMEs to use online collaborative tools for faster and accurate writing of content and feedback exchange.
Pre-build templates for common lesson delivery types that can easily be re-used and edited in developing rapid prototypes.
2. Featured Vignette: “Two Different Worlds
Ever been caught between “Two Different Worlds” in e-learning? View this vignette to appreciate Rapid Development!

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3. Learn and experience first-hand how you, too, can have rapid development of your e-learning programs.
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