How Taking Baby Steps Can Lead to Giant Success in e-Learning

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Topics this issue:

1. Taking baby steps to achieve giant success in elearning
The most difficult part of starting a project is making that crucial “first step.” Especially in elearning where the market is flooded with too many choices for authoring tools, software, and learning management systems, it is so easy for any project lead to get lost in the maze.

Are you also one of those who are overwhelmed with so many options that you don’t know anymore what to do first or which direction to follow? Well, fret no more – the answer to your frustration is really pretty “simple.”

Before you start buying elearning tools and software, you need FIRST to understand your organization’s needs and match these with your available resources and current capabilities. You must identify your learning objectives and develop your content first before you choose your elearning tools.

Many a time elearning projects fail because the tools dictate the content, which is like having the cart first before the horse. Unless you are absolutely sure that a highly sophisticated solution is what you require to achieve your learning objectives, you are better off starting with easy, fast, inexpensive and simple solutions that you can quickly implement. Remember that the best tools are those that serve your purpose.
If Power Point is the only tool you have right now for your elearning initiatives, go ahead and use it. Better yet, maximize it!
If you don’t have an LMS yet, no problem, you can always publish your elearning program in a website or intranet.
In the same way that huge trees grow from tiny seeds, most elearning programs begin with baby steps.
2. Featured Slideshow: “Readiness to Study
This slideshow illustrates how you can determine your organization’s readiness for elearning.
3. Long-distance management of your learners
Attending the Blended e-Learning Workshop is your first step towards your elearning success. During the workshop you will learn the whole process of elearning implementation – from prototyping, creating and building courses to web hosting.

And while you are learning to take these baby steps, you can preview more presentations, articles and tips that can guide you as you become more confident. Register to be an e-Learning Architect member. You can register here:

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Ray Jimenez, PhD
Vignettes Learning
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