Successfully Selling e-Learning Programs To Top Management

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Topics this issue:

1. If the “Blind Swordsman” were to successfully sell e-learning programs to top management
Gaining management approval for an e-learning program takes the skills of the Blind Swordsman-the Japanese movie hero who, though sightless, proves that he can handle his weapon.
Poised, he listens intently, locates a fly by its buzz, and then deftly plucks it out of the air with his chopsticks.
Here are four “Blind Swordsman” ways to win management okays for e-learning, even though your bosses may have no experience with this new information technology:
1. Allow decision-makers to experience or to click into a live program Five-hundred-page proposals weigh a lot, but have proved to be less convincing than real or prototype programs or demonstrations. Ask your vendors and internal developers to always construct a prototype as part of the project justification process.
2. Demonstrate how you can reduce nonessential costs (quantitative reasons) Show savings in terms of reduced non-essential expense like travel, time away from work and longer study time. Try to capture this in quantitative form.
3. Add punch with anecdotal stories (qualitative reasons)
Anecdotal information are hard to quantify, but add punch to your project. These are: ease and convenience of training, shorter learning time, learners learning anytime and anywhere, training at the learners’ need, better monitoring, speed of disseminating training, no waiting time for training, etc.
4. e-Learning is a better solution, in many cases (alternative and support) If top management is skeptical or has no experience in e-learning, it often works to position e-learning as a support tool, for example as advance and follow-up studies or quick references.
2. Featured Interactive Game: “Millionaire Game
This highly interactive game will allow your decision-makers to experience a live program and see how a game can be translated into learning.
To preview more interactive games and exercises, please visit this site and register:
3. How do you successfully sell e-learning to top management?
Learn more persuasive ideas to sell e-learning to your top management. Join the Blended e-Learning Workshop.
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Ray Jimenez, PhD
Vignettes Learning
“Helping Learners Learn Their Way”