In e-Learning, Is Content King?

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1. In e-Learning, Is Content King?
Just as some elementary school teachers considered Albert Einstein a mathematical dunce, others gave up early on the language skills of Winston S. Churchill – recognized today as a genius of English prose. Here is one incident during a class in Latin:
Many instructors will insist that their students must learn all about a given subject. Their attitude hampers online learning. Other, more effective, e-teachers recognize that their online students are much more likely to learn information that equip them to perform their job functions.

e-Learning trainers and program developers who stress “total content” at the expense of “functional information” risk producing trainees who have mastered neither. If that is a problem in your elearning programs, consider:
Making elearning easy by providing search tools that help e-students quickly find the content most useful to them.
Adding note-taking capability to your elearning programs, which permits individual students to identify functional information on the fly and save it for future use.
Permitting elearners to rank the relevancy of content to them.
2. Featured Vignette: “Let ‘Em Digest More Than They Want or Need“
This Vignette shows that learners are not required to go through the whole elearning content before they can get to the topic that is essential for their learning

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3. Costing e-Learning Projects
Learn the steps to measure all the costs involved in the design, development, delivery and maintenance of the program in the Blended e-Learning Workshops

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