How To Googlelize e-Learning Programs And Increase Its Repeat Value

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Topics this issue:

1. Googlelize e-Learning Programs for Repeat Value
We love Google for the way it helps us search tons of information to retrieve just the bytes we need, and for the way it helps us do this in a flash.

Wouldn’t it be neat if we add a “Search Function” in our e-learning programs?

Such a feature can definitely assist participants in searching for relevant and meaningful topics during the initial learning process or when they visit the program at later times. Just like in Google, the search can be done through the use of a “key word”. Alternatively, one can also search by program, topic, type of content, etc.

How else can you use a good search function in your e-learning programs?
When you assign work to participants, a Search Function makes it easier for you to direct them to where pertinent information can be found.
Updated Pages
When you update program content, you can quickly advise participants on new relevant information by the presence of key words such as “new update” or “new topic” .
Help and Guide, Coaching
A Search Function makes it easier for you to provide coaching and mentoring. It allows students to gain access to a particular topic quickly and easily.
Reuse and Repeat Value
Your program will have a long-term life and high repeat value; participants can easily access your program as an ongoing reference tool.
The Search function is not appropriate for e-learning programs with a linear path. Search Functions work best in programs that allow learners to discover and learn at random.
2. Illustration: e-Learning Search Function
To see an example of a simple Search Function within an e-learning program, please do the following:
1. Click the link here to preview
2. Click Login. Use Username =”demo06″ / Password = “demo06”
3. Click “e-Learning Prototype”
4. Click “Search Program” on top navigation bar, below “Modules and Lessons”
5. Type in “game”, click Search. Click the listed items.
6. Click “Programs” on top Navigation bar to repeat the process.
3. The Search Function as a Coaching Tool
The Blended e-Learning Workshop discusses the benefits of including a Search Function in your e-learning program not only to guide learners but also in terms of leveraging your ROI. Check out the schedules near your area:

Ray Jimenez, PhD
Vignettes Learning
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