Second Wave of e-Learning – Basic and Simple Ways to Engage Learners in e-Learning

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Topics this issue:

1. Second wave of e-learning – basic and simple ways to engage learners in e-learnings
The second wave of e-learning programs is now starting to surface in businesses. Tired of the first-generation products where focus was on software, developers are now paying more attention on how to make e-learning more engaging.

But even before you spend time, effort and money on high interactivity or multimedia, there are basic ways you can make your program engaging with basic, simple and effective methods.

Consider these ideas:
Allow learners to jump around the lessons and randomly select topics they find relevant
Use short lessons that are no more than 3-4 pages long, with only about 50 words in a page
Present learners with synthesis of content and allow them the option to delve into the detailed long text; avoid requiring learners to read long text
Organize your content so that learners can see first the “must-learn” and “high-value” content
Write your content in a conversational style, and not in the traditional “impersonal” technical writing style
Always write using stories, metaphors, case studies, examples, illustrations, etc.
Use images to vividly illustrate your story and metaphors
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